Smoke Me Out

by Pizza Trolls



we don't remember making it.


Dank buds and the leaves
I can smell it in the breeze
Fire crystals, spirit's high
Skins ablaze
And it's been days since I felt low
Got some weed so I'm gonna glow

Smoke me out, and I'll smoke you out
We're not addicted, but we're bound
To the kush and the haze
Pack a bowl and watch me fade

I am floating in black gold

305, 'til I'm dead
I'm a floater, easy rider
Got my grams, got my cider
Got my shorty, got my lighter
And if heaven is a place
It's your mouth blowing back
Garden breath
and I stammer when I say
You melt me down like Alex Mack


released April 20, 2013
Couldn't have done it without Bob Marley



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Pizza Trolls Gainesville, Florida

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